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During the summer we need help with food and snack donations. Sometimes honestly free food is what attacks youth to be involved in our program. If you could help with this it'd be a huge help. Please contact us today if you're interested. 

Sports Equipment

We are in need of more sports equipment to help with our youth ministry. If you'd be able to help in this area please contact us today. 


We are in need of a shed to store all of our equipment. We are looking to place this shed at our community ministry center. If you are interested in helping us get a new shed please contact us today. 

Garden Equipment

We can use more shovels, garden hoes, garden rakes, and work gloves. Having proper equipment for our volunteers is important. If you'd like to help in this area, please contact us today! 

Weed Wacker

We are looking for a heavy duty weed whacker to help keep the area around the gardens maintained better. If you'd be able to help us purchase a weed whacker it'd be a huge help. If you'd like to help please contact us today. 

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